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Headshot Pricing

  • 1-4 people -$200/person 

  • 5-10 people – $150/person

  • 11-50 people – $75/person

  • 51+ people – $55/person 

$100 per additional delivered pose

  •          On Location Session Time with 1 Wardrobe

  •          3 Light Setup

  •          White, Black or Gray Backdrop

  •          Basic Retouching (Light Skin Smoothing, Blemish Removal)

  •          A Single High-Resolution Digital Photos of Your Choice for Personal and Commercial Use.

  •          Feel Free to Use Your Photo However You Would Like with No Additional Licensing Fees or Renewals.

  •          Web Format Digital Files(Image(s)) for Use On Company Websites And Social Media

*Onsite Service*

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Complete Backdrop Stand with Backdrop-Recovered.webp

Things to Remember for Your Headshot

       WHAT TO WEAR:

  • Solid colors that are darker than your skin tone, which will help draw attention to your face

  • Long sleeves or 3/4 length sleeves

  • Wrinkle-free clothing that lays smoothly

  • Classic and season-less looks

  • Fitted, well tailored suit or jacket tops

  • Simple jewelry

  • Anything that you absolutely love to wear. Rules are made to be broken, so if you immediately think of a favorite dress or shirt, bring it along. Odds are it’s a favorite because the fit is perfect. That confidence comes through on camera!


  • Busy patterns

  • Colors that are very pale or close to your skin tone

  • Turtlenecks, or cap sleeves

  • Red as the dominant color

  • Flowy material, which will add bulk

  • Lots of layers of scarves, jewelry, fussy collars

  • Anything that makes you feel like you’re playing dress-up, is uncomfortable, or doesn’t seem authentic to your personality or image you’d like to portray.

  • The purpose of your headshot is to capture the personality in your face.​

  • Dress in a way that you feel represents both you and your organization

  • Dress as if you are going on an interview.

  • STAY HYDRATED! AVOID SALT! - Drink moderate amounts of water a couple of days before and tapering off to a cup or two the day of your shoot. This will keep your skin looking fresh. Salt retains water so to avoid bloating refrain from sodium products the day before your session.


  • Simple and Modest Jewelry

  • Crisp Ironed Clothing

  • Modest V-Necks are Flattering and Highlight the Neck Line and Decolletage.

Additional Information:

  • Please Allow 1-4 Weeks for Delivery Dependent on Workload.

  •  Delivery: Images are e-mailed or delivered via digital download from the Dropbox website.


  • Dark Solid Jackets with a Pastel/Light Colored Shirt.

  • Plain Tie or one with a "not-so-busy" Pattern.

  • A Sports Coat and Crisp Dress Shirt with No Tie is Also a Nice Option.

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